Welcome to the auka universe!

¡Bienvenidas al universo auka!

We are Arantza and Sophia, a mother and daughter duo. auka and Sophia were born a year apart, with auka in 2000 and Sophia in 2001, so they've grown up side by side.

Based in Barcelona with roots in the north, we possess a nomadic soul. Our personal and professional experiences intertwine during our travels, inspiring the collections, pieces, and accessories you'll find in our six stores, and now in our online store, where we warmly welcome you!

To help you get to know us better, let's delve into some of the values associated with auka. Family is paramount; this is reflected in our team, a mix of mothers and daughters, nieces, cousins, husbands and wives, and sisters. We are as passionate about traveling as we are about few things, relishing the experience of packing a suitcase and journeying to any corner of the world, immersing ourselves in diverse cultures, customs, and crafts.

Color plays a significant role at auka. Our collections and the pieces we curate from other brands are vibrant examples of this ethos. Beauty is another cornerstone of auka. We are avid admirers of beauty, always attuned to nature, art, fashion, textures, interior design, and gastronomy, seeking aesthetics even in the smallest details. In one of the images we're sharing, the essence of auka shines through as Sophia and Arantza explore India, traversing the country from north to south, a land defined by its kaleidoscope of colors and inherent beauty.

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