The smell of India.

El olor de la India.

When talking about India, this wonderful book “The Smell of India” always comes to mind where Pier Paolo Pasolini, in a few pages and upon returning from his first trip, defines the country and its people, their customs, those tics so well. that make India a magical place and its citizens unique beings. I was impressed by his capacity for synthesis and his deep and rapid perception of things, making it highly advisable to read.

India is a country full of color and contradictions. His particular sense of aesthetics, the gift for working with color and textiles, the delicate silks and light cottons woven on handlooms, often collide with an extreme poverty that is disarming. It is a reality and we must mention it in this our first post about the country.

At auka, since our beginnings, we have been closely linked to India, which stole my heart on a first trip. I seem to remember that it was in the year 2000 and since that moment I have returned once, twice and even three times in the same year, now it is a passion that I share with Sophia.

There was a time when our production was centralized there, currently we manufacture: cashmere pashminas, wool shawls, cotton voile scarves and sarongs, jewelry and accessories...we will show them to you here shortly.

In general terms, something not to be missed? Its markets where fabrics, flowers, vegetables and spices are mixed together, are must-see places when you travel to India. To quickly learn about its know-how, its passions, its colors and be aware…of the smell of India.


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